Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Senyum Sajalah

I have much to update. Trips to KL, Melaka and around Johor being key but also my now-not-so-new touring bike and a few other things too.

However, I am now doing a project in Penang whose update is more important than the others.

The Camera Museum is a new museum dedicated to cameras and photography and I’ve been offered a month-long slot to exhibit there later this year. I decided to do a dedicated exhibition and came up with Senyum Sajalah, or ‘Just Smile’ in the Malay language.

It will be both pictorial as well as experiential to some extent and you can see some of the progress here: www.SenyumSajalah.tumblr.com.

Soon I will open it up to contributions and I hope you not only follow the project, but contribute too. And yes, I hope you do keep Smiling.

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