Monday, 4 July 2011

Being Positive in the face of Negativity.

Let’s be positive about some things. Malaysia is a land of beautiful geography and generally very nice and hospitable people. When I cycled from south to north 4 years ago, I saw much of the former and of the latter, I met only unrestrained, sincere and warm hospitality and friendliness. Go through this blog’s archives if you want to read about that.

From the chap who came out to me at a bus stop where I was trying to fix a flat just to see if I needed help, to the bicycle shop owner in Teluk Intan who opened his shop for me just so I could change my tyres. And many more.

Yes, we are a great country with a proud tradition of being warm, friendly and hospitable. I truly believe that still exists - that the ordinary Malaysian will extend a welcoming hand when it is needed.

In the last few years it’s not been easy keeping positive. At times I have felt more like ranting than writing and it is for that reason I set up the other blog. And since then, this one’s hardly seen any action.
And it won’t for a little while more maybe. It’s just been increasingly more difficult to find positive stuff to write about. And as I am less often in Malaysia now, any writing I will put up here will be overdue stuff sitting patiently in my various ‘Drafts’ folders.

Well, this blog is still about Celebrating Malaysia so if anyone reading this has some good stuff to share, let me know and I’ll let others know too. Meanwhile, see you at Amarajothy

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